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colour of roses~


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aku ade teringat yang aku ada bagitau nak share bout meaning roses punya colour kan>?
entah kenapa lately ni tetiba cam gila bunga pulak..
aku sampai pi beli cepit rambut yang ade bunga besar melekat uoall.. haha
sesampai tempat keje semua dok tegur aku... hehe rambut berbunga bunga ni dah kenapa... hahha sebab nye aku dah sewel.. jiwang jagi minah bunga bunga! haha
macam berkenan ngan dress yg bunga kecik2... baju ade bunga.. entah la,, semua nya bunga la... bole tukar tak nama blog? jadi gilabunga plak! wakaka!

k aku nak share meaning of roses colour~

Red- Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, "I Love You", "Job Well Done", Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion

Passion, Love, Respect, Courage, Congratulations

Red Roses are classic and a popular choice since their message is an unmistakable expression of love. The color red symbolizes enduring romantic love and passion.

In addition to their message of love, red roses can be given in recognition of courage and to show respect or to say "Well done!" and "Congratulations".

White Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness, "I am worthy of you", Heavenly, happy love..
Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Reverence, Worthiness

White roses like bridal gowns symbolize innocence and purity. Giving white roses says that you believe that your intentions are pure and that the recipient is worthy.

Pink Appreciation, "Thank you", Grace, Perfect Happiness, Admiration, Gentleness, "Please Believe Me"
Happiness, Romance, Admiration, Sweetness

There are many variations of pink roses and all ues of pink communicate sweetness and elegance. Light pink roses show happiness, joy and admiration. If you want to send an expression of gratitude deep pink roses are perfect because they symbolize appreciation and thankfulness.

Yellow Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me, Jealousy, "I care"
Welcome or Welcome Back, Friendship, Caring, Joy

Yellow roses send a message of friendship, gladness and delight. Perfect for the new mother, graduate or newly engaged the yellow rose sends a message of joy and new beginnings.

Orange Desire, Enthusiasm
Desire, Enthusiasm, Pride

Bright orange is a color of warmth and energy and orange roses convey the desire and fervor that the sender feels for the recipient.

These bright rose blossoms also can say "I'm proud of you."

Just as coral is more toned down than orange so are the feelings communicated by this color rose. The coral rose still speaks to desire coupled with happiness.

Peach Appreciation, Closing the deal, Let's get together, Sincerity, Gratitude
Gratitude, Appreciation, Sincerity, Modesty

Peach roses send a message of appreciation or gratitude and are also often sent as an expression of sympathy.

Black Death, Farewell
New Beginnings, Rebirth

Sometimes the darkest red roses are called 'black roses' and while they do symbolize the death of an idea or say farewell they can send a positive message of rebirth and new beginnings.

Blue The unattainable, the impossible
Impossible, Unattainable

Blue roses exist in fantasy but not in nature. The blue rose symbolizes the unattainable or impossible which won't make it a good choice to give someone you would like to maintain a relationship with anyway.

lovely flower... keindahan ciptaan tuhan~

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