Friday, July 3, 2009

good deal!! must grab~

salam to korang2~ yezz kat esso tempat keje aku ade jual GPS brand TIBO made in korea yg sememangnya best gile... first adalah


General Specifications

SiRFstar III Chipset with WAAS-enabled 12 parallel GPS satellites
Microsoft WinCE.Net Core Version 5.0
400Mhz CPU
32MB Flash Rom 8 Bit NAND/ 64MB Ram
VGA Resolution RGB 480 x 272
12 Channel GPS Receiver
128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB SD Card and Slot
Pre-Loaded Maps
2 Million Points of Interest
Easily Upgradable SW
Compact-Size mold
4.3” TFT LCD (Digital)
350cd Brightness
16.7M Colour Screen
Built-in Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling
Supports MP3, AVI, JPEG and Games


Instructions with voice guidance

Route searched by:
Address/Intersection, Points of Interest, Address Book, Previous Destination

Path Analysis using:
Optimized, local road, highway driving simulation

Driving Guidance:
Turn by turn guide at cross street, distance information to cross street (for directional change) and to highway entrance and exit, total distance and driving distance information, speed limit information guide

Scalable Display (Zoom Function)
2D, 2.5D and Split Screen rendering
Area information search while driving
Data storage of driving path and/or preferred path data saving

HUH BEST KAN! K aku bilang simple je k.. gps ni ada 4 buah negara nye map.. MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, THAILAND and function dia memang meletop! ko leh main games, leh tgk movie.. leh dgr music.. and ade bluetooth handsfree call .. size screen 4'3 inchh hah! best kan!! harga dia $259 sila lah ke esso tok grab this gadget!! WHILE STOCK LAST!
2) TIBO B1000


GPS Device with 3.5" Display
Entry Cost CPU Solution
Compact & Portable Design for your car
On-board Nand-Flash Memory Type for Map SW Storage

General Specifications

Weight: approx 130g
TFT Display
Built-in loud speaker
Lithium Ion Battery (Voltage: 3.7V, Capacity 850 mAh)
GPS Receiver.

huh yg ni murah sikit... tapi tak byk function cam yg kat atas tu... hok yg ni cuma ade 2 map je.. SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA ONLY..... harga dia $159 cuma kat ESSO je ko leh dpt harga ni ok!! so dtg la beramai2 and borong k.. kat esso woodland singgah la jugak li ngan aku!! hehe ok daaaa...

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